Pinhead Ale Logo - Designed by Robert Heck

Steve of Plan 9 Brewing came to me looking to have his idea for the logo to his Pinhead Pale line drawn up and turned into a digital image so that it could be resized/reprinted as needed without losing quality….
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Pee in the Shower - By Robert Heck

James came to me with an idea for a comical website ( that would track how many people pee in the shower or don’t, at least those who fill out his form. He asked me to help come up with…
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Pirate Kid Designed by Robert Heck

I was asked to come up with a cute, kid friendly pirate.  This is what I came up with in Illustrator.

AHR Save the Date

Alexis came up with the idea of doing a photo strip style save the date for the wedding. The idea changed a few times from the photo strip layered onto another piece of paper with more information printed on it…
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aHR Wedding Logo by Robert Heck of Heck Designs

Alexis wanted a wedding logo that would encompass her wedding and everything it was about. When asked what it was supposed to be about the answer was fun, candy, cupcakes, family, and good times. The wedding colors were pink, black,…
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