Some frequently asked questions:

Q. I hear Flash is awesome, can you completely build a website in Flash?
A. The simple answer is yes I can but I won’t build a website 100% in flash.
The more in depth answer is; there are many reasons why I don’t build a website 100% in Flash.

  • Flash is not SEO friendly, content inside of flash is treated as a SWF file and not text, code, and/or images.
  • Many devices don’t support (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart Phones), properly display, or even properly interact with flash. While the last reason here can be taken into account in the design phase there is nothing a designer can do about the first two.
  • Software used by the blind or visually impaired typically can’t read the text inside of a SWF file because much like a search engine spider it treats everything inside the SWF as one object and can’t access the individual elements.
  • A lot of those “cool” unique Flash animations/effects can be done by other types of code.

These are just a few reasons why I won’t build a website 100% in Flash, however if you want intro animations, animating logos, etc. I am more than willing to add Flash elements to your website. Flash is great for unique animations/effects but unless you plan to have absolutely everything on your website have unique animations/effects you don’t need a 100% Flash website.

Q. Why build your portfolio website on WordPress instead of hand coding it?
A. Well in the past I have hand coded my portfolio website to varying degrees and it takes time to keep it up to date, this will be the 4th iteration. While I could spend the time to hand build a CMS that does what I want and how I want, just to show I can do the coding I find my time is better spent working on client’s websites and not my own. Which is WordPress comes in as it does what I want very fast and cleanly, and if there is something it doesn’t do by default I can usually add the code rather easily. The biggest reason is the time it saves me, I can update my portfolio with relative ease and thanks to all the hooks and back-end coding already built into WordPress my Web Design Portfolio can now be updated relatively quickly and effortlessly allowing me more time to get back to the important things.

Q. CMS is the big thing now-a-days, do I really need one?
A. Honestly the answer is maybe, there are several factors I go over with clients as to whether or not they will need or even want a CMS(Content Management System). Some of them are:

  • Do you plan on making frequent changes to your website?
  • Do you want to incorporate a blog into your website?
  • Do you feel confident using basic HTML or a WYSIWYG Editor?
  • Etc…

Q. Does the “designed by” have to be on my website?
A. No it doesn’t, I will gladly remove it as well as any mention to myself (Robert Heck) or Heck Designs in any way, shape, or form from the file names as well as from the code for $200.

Q. Do I get a copy of the code and files?
A. Yes. While some Web designers will charge extra for this I do not.
Not only will you get the files and code needed to make the website run but you will get all original files used to create the code, images, videos, etc. for your website.