aHR Save the Date

AHR Save the Date

Alexis came up with the idea of doing a photo strip style save the date for the wedding. The idea changed a few times from the photo strip layered onto another piece of paper with more information printed on it to just a photo strip, and then to a modified idea of the first. Instead of being an actual photo strip she ended up liking the mock up I did with a mock photo strip on the left side with some extra text on the side.

When I presented the idea Alexis wanted the photos to be from an actual photo booth but I pointed out there was much more control from just cropping the photos to make them look like they were from a photo booth instead. That way we would have much more control on what kind of photos worked and which didn’t without having to worry about wasting money on several photo strips.

She wanted a lot of playful and different fonts to with each different photo so I mocked up each phrase so that they would be readable and even had to change the font on the names at the last minute as they were hard to read when printed with the original font.

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