Almost 50% of my Visitors don’t have Java Enabled…

April 27th, 2010

So I’ve been checking my Google Analytic info and noticed it had a section to see how many people viewed my site had java enabled.  I expected to see something like 70% to 90% have it enabled… That wasn’t the case at all I was almost appalled to see only 51% had Java enabled.  Seeing a number that low really bothered me because without all of the cool JavaScripts I have making my site more interesting is not being seen by half of the visitors.  So I’ve decided to go through with a HTML/CSS version of my website that will show all the information and a bit more than the JavaScript heavy version.

Now that isn’t to say I’m going to trash my current design because I honestly thing it is really good, could use a little more time but overall I’m quite happy with it.  So I will be keeping it in a sub folder and add it to my portfolio.

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