Building a site in PHP

May 11th, 2010

I consider myself fairly well versed in HTML and CSS.  I’ve played a little bit with PHP coding in the past but nothing to the extent I will be now.  I decided after spending 2 weeks trying to find plugins and code that would work on a CMS without having any problems working together.  So I decided to look into PHP code for things I wanted.  I guess I should state the goals I was looking to achieve.

  1. Password Protected Back-end for uploading images
  2. Slideshow that pulled in images from a folder
  3. Image uploader and resizer

Now the first two I’ve been able to setup rather easily with some PHP and some JavaScript but the third one has been a pain because it seems I can’t get around my host’s restriction on PHP upload limitations.  I’m currently looking into flash as a possible solution so hopefully I can find something that will help make the site work as requested.

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