Heck Designs – Mobile Version

May 7th, 2010

So having an iPod Touch and a Droid Eris tends to spoil me when it comes to my mobile web browsing experience.  I decided I should have a mobile version of my website.

Now this brings up a few issues;

1) I haven’t built a mobile website before

2) I didn’t know how to redirect a phone to a mobile website

This meant some research was required.  I came across several different methods using Javascript, PHP, and writing a .htaccess file.  After looking into each of them and seeing what can affect them functioning properly I decided to go with writing a .htaccess file.

I created m.heckdesigns.com to keep with standards of mobile site naming conventions.  I included my contact info so that I can be contacted as well as a link to the full version of my website for those who are on mobile device that supports a more traditional web look.

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