Kelley Pool Repair Inc. Business Website

Kelley Pool Repair Inc. designed by Robert Heck

Client: Andy
Site Features:

  • XHTML Coding
  • PHP Coding
  • CSS Styling
  • WordPress CMS

Info:Andy came to me with the idea of building a website for the family business as a Christmas present to his father. I went over a couple of ideas with Andy and his sister until we came up with this final layout that they liked. After building the initial mock up in hand coded HTML/PHP/CSS Andy and his sister went over some features they wanted to have added which involved them being able to create/update/delete pages.

They wanted an easy way to do this without having to work around my schedule so I went over a few options and I decided to use WordPress for it. This way they had a simple and easy to use back-end that gave them the ability to create/update/delete posts as they needed and I even built each page through the WordPress back-end so they could change the text on them if they felt the need.

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